Eating at the Quinta

First time visitors to Nicaragua are often a little nervous about what the food will be like. Well, worry not. Even the pickiest eaters will be looking for seconds at the Quinta Primavera dining room. Juanita and Yolanda have tuned the meals they make to match traditional Nicaraguan cooking with American palettes. The result is that meal time is a highlight of every day.

The food reflects what's in season and is purchased fresh each day from our favorite markets and is always meticulously cleaned.

Your team is served by the cooks at a small buffet line and then take their plates to the dining area. Sitting at long tables with their friends and guests from other teams -- it's a great environment for laughing, learning and getting ready for the next activity.


The kitchen crew gets your team's day off to a great start with a full breakfast that will raise even the sleepiest heads in your group. The typical breakfast includes a main dish like pancakes, eggs or baked oatmeal. It usually is accompanied by freshly made gallo pinto (the national dish of red beans and rice) that you will dream about after you get back home. Every breakfast always includes plenty of fresh fruit from the local area - typically banana, watermelon and sweet white pineapple.  There's also toast, fresh juice and delicious Nicaraguan coffee. 

After a breakfast like this, your team is fueled up for a big day in the field!


With the heavenly smells coming out of the kitchen, you won't have to call your team to dinner more than once. They'll quickly come to appreciate hearty evening meals like roasted chicken breast, steak with chimichurri sauce, kebobs, chicken with jalapeno cream sauce and spaghetti. Delicious side dishes typically include things like rice, steak fries, fried plantains, homeade tortilla chips and salsa, veggies, salad and bread. But be sure to save room if the cooks have treated you to Tres Leches cake for dessert!

Odds and Ends

Your group pays only for the meals they eat at the Quinta -- just let us know your plans the night before so we can staff, shop and cook appropriately.

Since teams are usually out in the field all day, lunch is the responsibility of your group. There are excellent grocery stores nearby and most teams stock up on sandwich supplies that they can keep in a fridge reserved for guests.

On Sundays, the staff serves breakfast and lunch and the teams are on their own for dinner. This is an opportunity to sample some of the local fare -- or bring Pizza Hut or Tip Top Chicken back to the Quinta.

While Mariachi bands don't play at the Quinta every night, your group can make its own kind of fun!