Sleeping at the Quinta

After a hard day's work, a soft pillow and comfortable bed will be high on your list of priorities!

Sleeping at the Quinta is typically hostel style with large bunk rooms housing six to eight guests in bunk beds. Shelving units and hooks catch your clothes and toiletries - and there is room under the beds for small suitcases. Fans are provided to keep things cool at night but some rooms have air conditioning units which can be used for a daily surcharge.

Several rooms can accomodate couples in full beds with private baths. Please let us know in advance if your group requires this type of accomodation so we can make sure that it is available during your stay with us.

Guests are provided with linens, towels and soap but must bring their own shampoo. The bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned every day but many guests feel most comfortable with a pair of flip flops for the showers.

Nicaragua uses the same type of electrical plug and current as North America, so your chargers and hair dryers will work in your room without issue.