Your Home in Nicaragua

The main house has a large kitchen and dining room, a lounge, several bedrooms and a front porch filled with rocking chairs.

The porch is the center of the hive -- the place where teams hold a morning devotional, unwind after a long day in the field or meet new friends. There is nothing like an early morning or late night on the Quinta porch -- it may be one of the strongest memories from your trip to Nicaragua.


The kitchen is where the Quinta cooks make their magic happen. The food is simply fantastic and prepared with love by these amazing woman. Many guests have commented that this was the first mission trip where they actually gained weight! Your group can contract for breakfast and/or dinner at the Quinta. You're on your own for lunch as most teams pack sandwiches for the road that they pick up from the local grocery store. 


Surrounding the main house are several outlying buildings that sleep the majority of our guests. Most rooms are bunk-house style but there are several rooms specifically available for couples or families.  Each room has its own bath and shower -- and there is a separate shower house to help with the busy times before meals. A few have air conditioning units that can be operated for an additional surcharge.


The Quinta's park-like grounds showcase the beauty of the local Nicaraguan flowering trees and shrubs. It's the perfect setting for a group photo.